*Introduction* – Connecting an MT4 trading account to the Myfxbook website

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I have been exposed to many traders who try to learn a lot more about their trading account and their transaction history to understand and improve their trading strategy, risk management and account management.

But how do you do it? After all, the MT4 report is too simple and you cannot draw all the conclusions you want from it.

There are many options including websites that can be used to analyze trading reports and draw conclusions from their content.

In this post we will focus on the siteMyfxbook– A site for analyzing trading reports.


So what is Myfxbook?

The website – Myfxbook  – contains analytical tools for the forex trading account that allows you to track, compare, analyze and share your trading activity.
In addition, the site contains a community of traders who can follow and watch each other’s trade providers (if the trader himself approves this of course)

How can Myfxbook help you as a trader?
Myfxbook can help you in several ways:

  • Analyze your account with advanced statistical analysis to understand your trading habits.
  • It is possible to publish your account and trading results.
  • Ability to compare and improve your trading skill compared to other traders on the site.


Below are trading photos of what it looks like in practice
Click on the image to enlarge

As you can see in the pictures (a robot that I ran in demo this time) –

You see all the statistics of the trading account, profit graph, the amount of money in the account, the initial deposit, profit percentage, daily/weekly/monthly profit percentage, drawdown (maximum loss) and many other data.


For those who have robots or who manage money for clients – this is a tool that is simply a must to use!



So how do you connect the trading account to the website?

to the Myfxbook guideClick here


And I found the following videos explaining it.


And another video



If there is demand I will post my own tutorial video

If the guide and/or video doesn’t help and you have more questions, feel free to comment here in the post or contact me in page Contact Us.

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