Trading robot programming

You have a good trading strategy but you are still losing money? – Apparently you too like most traders fall because of the “trading psychological” problem. The process of becoming a beginning trader becomes a profitable trader over time, unaffected by the “trading psychologist”, can take several years – if you have a rope trading method that will wait 4-7 years to become a professional trader – let the robot work for you – trader robot mentally and unaffected Exciting

Do you have a successful trading method and do not have time to sit in front of the screen?
Want a trading system that works for you 24 hours a day?
Want more free time? Want to make money trading even when you are asleep, at sea or not sitting at the computer?

In 2007 I was exposed to Forex trading for the MetaTrader 4 system, since then to this day every now and again I discover how good this system is and gives amazing capabilities to forex traders, and especially its qualities in the field of automated trading.

From then until 2010 I built myself a few dozen trading robots and indicators.

Autotrading benefits

No more sitting in front of the screen

The trading robot is just like you, with the exact same strategy – taking your place 24 hours a day, whether you’re sleeping, working… or just out working on your tan.

Trading without the influence of emotions

The robot sticks to its strategy and trades without any emotional influence, preventing the possibilities of losses due to psychological factors.

Perfect risk management

The robot won’t gamble, it just does what it’s defined to do; after you define settings to manage risks, the robot will always stick to them, without exception.

Assessment of past trades and optimization

It is possible to operate the robot with various asset types and over previous years and to see how the robot operated in every type of market condition – which allows for improvement and upgrading of the strategies you know work and to profit from every period in the market.

Trade numerous asset types

The robot offers you the ability to trade a large number of foreign currency pairings and assets while retaining a high transaction speed and perfect precision.

So how does the development process work? – From an idea to a working trading robot!

Step 1: Characterization of the strategy – we study the trading method and write an accurate characterization document that explains the work of the robot in all its parts.
Step 2: Receive a quote according to the characterization document.
Step 3: Approval to start work, signing an agreement and paying half a degree of development at the time of signing.
Step 4: Usually within 14 working days – receiving the final robot + training and customer training in using the robot + training on the correct performance of BT + training on the correct execution of optimization. (Great knowledge that only a few know how to do it right!)
Step 5: Customer benefit – A VPS server is a gift for a month, in the first 14 days the robot will check its blood and then your server until the benefit is completed.
Step 6: Pay the remaining 50 percent for the development and sending “source code” to the customer. (Nowhere do you get a source code! – especially in software houses abroad).
Step 7: Escort and warranty on the robot for 3 months!

– Throughout the project there is full guidance and orderly guidance on automated trading, on how to do BT, how to work with a robot, how to do optimization, what is proper research? How to make decisions, how to get quality data and more and more knowledge that makes the difference!

How much does it cost?


As you know, our goal is to allow every single person to develop a robot, but it’s still true that developing a personal, customized robot isn’t cheap.

Looking back at our past clients, the average Forex robot we’ve develop costs around 1250-1500$. Of course, some have been 5000$ while others only 500$ – but it all depends on the complexity and quantity of prepared code we have at our disposal ahead of time in creating your personalized robot.

When looking at the pricing of robots on the U.S. or Israeli stock exchange, the prices generally start around 2500$, due to the much greater complexity of the required technology – but here, too, it all depends on the complexity of the strategy.

To make a long story short,

Although it’s not cheap, the relationship between the price and the earnings potential is what’s truly important – is the price equal to the dream?

(By the way, just to give you something to think about, developing a business website or app costs a lot more… about 5 to 10 times more…)

With us, the entire process of characterization is free – you progress to a quote – at no cost – so you can get an accurate quote and decide.

What systems do we develop?


MetaTrader (MT4, MT5) - MQL4, MQL5

American Stock Exchange - Contracts, Stocks, Indices

TradeStation(Easy Language), NinjaTrader 7 and 8 (NT7, NT8), cTrader (cAlgo), MultiCharts

Crypto and virtual currencies

Crypto platforms

Why choose us?

There are plenty of robot developers in Israel and in the world in general, why choose us?

Unlike other developers, I come with a wealth of independent trading in stocks, forex and options. Over 15 years of trading.

With us, you receive support throughout the year for faults and bugs, even a year after the end of the robot

To date I have opened for our clients over 400 trading robots over the years

With us, you also receive a monthly trading server as a gift where you can test the robot

Does your robot work great and make money? excellent. Through me you can reach the leading companies in the field and the most senior investors

Over the years I have worked with about 175 clients.

In addition


Years of experience


Robots built for customers

No robot is impossible … We will take care of professional work, impeccable service and an attractive price..

Leave your details below and we will get back to you soon – the call with us at no cost and without obligation. 


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