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Do you have a trading robot, but nowhere to run it? Have you had it with losing money due to sudden crashes, or because someone tampered with the computer?
Then it’s time to move on to traders working with a trading server.

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Anyone who has been working with robots acknowledges the importance of a properly functioning computer while trading. Considering that the computer trades for us, we require no less than 100% availability and connectivity between our trading client and the broker or market.

Since this requirement cannot be met with the help of a home computer, it is possible to purchase / rent a trading server anywhere in Globes in order to be in the “air” all the time – which guarantees the trader peace of mind knowing that his trading account is always under control.

Who might need a trading server?

Any person who conducts their trading account through an automatic trading bot, be he running an EA on MetaTrader or any other trading software and market combinations- Whose guiding line is the need for 100 percent availability and 0 precents system crashes.

Any person who runs a bot through demo accounts conducting calculations, requires a server to run the tests on to simulate a market state as realistic as possible.

What do I get from having a trading server

Whenever you’re trading with a robot, one of the most important considerations to consider, is whether you could trust your bot on handling deals properly and rationally, without randomly crashing.

The trading server makes sure you keep your peace of mind, having the bot running on a computer which is:

The server sits on the server farms of the major Internet companies and is physically and technologically secure. The server is connected to the Internet at a speed of 10 MB per second (that means downloading a 100 MB file will take 10 seconds) and of course the Internet never crashes.

These are just a few differences between home based and professional servers:


Professional Server

Home Computer

No power-outages, there are generators for all servers, the server itself is located in one of the largest Internet provider’s clusters.
Power-outages happen due to various reasons and the costs of an interruption proof power supply system double your initial investment
Close to 100 percent availability.
Sometimes the internet drops for a few minutes to hours.
Faster speed than home networks about 10 megabytes Per second.
Average basic speed – 2.5 megabytes a second
Hardware Issues
In case of hardware failures (according to service and guarantee agreements) issues will be resolved within 4 to 24 hours. The virtual server has zero waiting time, the virtual server switches to a working hardware automatically.
Courtesy of the laboratory from whom we the computer was, it may take in the best case a few days.
Connectible from any computer (Including some smartphones) around the globe.
Usually can be seen only from home or if possible through a paid program that enables connection from anywhere.
Automatic exchanging from a home based computer is dangerous, stressful and yields heavy losses!  

Why work with us?


Years of experience


Satisfied customers

In what specification of our server

Do you need technical skills?

The server is maintained by our server cluster and they make sure there won’t be any system fails.

I purchased a server – What do I get?

You get from us your own secured desktop on the server (A desktop not so different from your .

Through the desktop you can operate up to five Meta Trader 4 trading systems.

You receive all necessary connection details by email From Kamatera

you will receive a personal guiding from A to Z on how to connect to the virtual desktop from your own desktop.

Full 24/7 support from our server cluster any time you may need.

How much will it cost?

The service costs few Dozens per month, depending on the quality of the server you seek. Payment is done via credit/PayPal every month.

– You sign no obligations. You may stop the service at any point you wish.

Kamatera gives a month free trial! So you can check the quality of the server even for free.

Okay, I would like to order, what’s next?

Leave details below. We will contact you within 24-48 hours.

In a conversation with you, we will understand your needs from the server, and we will adjust the server + server location (country in Europe) + the trader headquarters you want.


Enter the following link –

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And order the server you want.

– You’ve invested thousands in developing the best bot, but if said robot will run in a poor environment it’ll lose money, you won’t have your peace of mind and you won’t be able to trust your robot with the job – No need for technical skill – We offer personal guidance

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