Terms of service

By browsing the site and using the content here, you agree to these terms

* It was clarified to the customer that the server is hosted by a third party company and AlgoServers or anyone on its behalf is not responsible in the event that the server fails and / or in the event that financial damage is caused due to the server’s unavailability.

* The customer will not store and / or transmit information or material that violates and / or violates federal laws of the United States and / or the laws of the State of Israel and / or the countries of Europe and / or the European Union.

* The customer will not store and / or transfer material and / or information that constitutes copyright infringement and / or infringement of trade secrets, and / or material or information that is misleading or misrepresented.

* Customer will not transfer information of copyrighted music files.

* The customer will not store material and / or information that could harm any third party.

* Any attempt to abuse or overuse the system resources is strictly prohibited.

* AlgoServers has no responsibility for the backup or security of the server, the security of the materials and / or the robots on the server.

* AlgoServers will not be liable for any third party compensation that may be damaged as a result of the breach of this agreement by the customer.

* If the account is closed for non-compliance with a clause in this agreement, no refund will be made to the customer.

* The customer will bear all expenses incurred by AlgoServers as a result of a breach of this agreement.

* Customer may cancel his account at any time, a relative refund will not be given if the customer has decided to cancel the service before the end of the month.

* There is a risk in trading and / or investing in financial assets and they may lead to financial losses. Past successes in trading and / or investing in financial assets are no guarantee of future success. Anyone who uses the server is solely responsible for the results of his trading operations and waives the right to sue and any claim against AlgoServers and / or anyone on its behalf.

* It is hereby clarified that AlgoServers is not responsible for the client’s investment and / or trading results in any way. The customer, in his signature, releases AlgoServers completely and irrevocably from any liability and for any damage due to losses and / or loss of profits and / or any other damage that results from or may result from foreign exchange trading either through the robot or not through the robot. , Faults and the result applies to the customer only. And no AlgoServers and / or anyone on its behalf, are responsible for the results of the robot individually or as a group.


השאר פרטים כאן

השאר כאן למטה את פרטים שלך ואנו נחזור אליך בהקדם – השיחה איתנו ללא עלות וללא התחייבות.